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All shiny, all new - this is the DMN Modeler Enterprise 2.0 for Confluence!

With the new release you get many new features and improvements that make DMN Modeler Enterprise an important tool for...

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BPMN Modeler Enterprise 3.15

The new release 3.15 allows the global configuration of your BPMN Modeler Plugin. Consequently, personalized settings can be made...

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Data and processes – integrated and combined in BPMN Modeler & Managed Data Fields

When documenting business processes company-wide, it is desirable to enrich BPMN diagrams with additional information. With the...

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BPMN Modeler Enterprise 3.13.0

New release, new feature: with the new token simulation, modeled processes can be simulated and checked. At one click, you can...

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Managed Data Fields 1.2.0 - Space restrictions for Field Definitions

In the Managed Data Fields app for Confluence, data fields are managed in a central repository on the Field Definition page....

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REST-API-Roundtrip with SpringDoc and OpenAPI Generator

It is a no-brainer to provide JSON REST endpoints in a Spring Boot application, just like many state-of-the-art frameworks. Just...

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Diagrams can be imported not only from GitLab, but also from Bitbucket now.With this release, we take another step on the way to...

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Managed Data Fields 1.1.0 - numeric analysis for charts

New release - new features - now available: With Managed Data Fields 1.1.0 you have more options for creating charts and making...

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Monitoring the Docker Hub Rate Limit with Prometheus (Guide)

Looking for an easy way to install the docker-hub-rate-limit-exporter script into your Kubernetes cluster? We have the ultimate...

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Documentation and evaluation in Confluence made easy

Do you use Confluence in your company and regularly summarize the outcome of your meetings there? Do you document your business...

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New Enterprise Feature: Import diagrams from GitLab

With the new release we are taking the first step for the integration of BPMN...

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GitOps for IT-Architects: Transparent and Secure Kubernetes

Agile Software Development principles have gained more and more attention in recent years. They help making product teams more...

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