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Camunda and External-Tasks - Complex Data in Process Context as Json

Camunda has introduced the External Task Handler Pattern in Camunda 7 Platform some time ago. It is a mechanism that reverses...

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BPMN-3.31.0: Copy and paste process elements across browser windows

A lot of companies use our BPMN Modeler Enterprise for Confluence. We introduce a new feature: Browser-window spanning copy &...

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Camunda 8 vs. Camunda 7: Where are the differences?

In April 2022, Camunda introduced Camunda 8, a new process automation product. This was accompanied by an announcement. to focus...

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BPMN-3.28.0: New Admin Functionality

Avid readers of our blog or activ users of our Confluence Apps might remember: Since Release 3.26.0 our BPMN Modeler Enterprise ...

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BPMN-3.27.0: Personalized Search Suggestions

With the new release 3.27.0-ENTERPRISE of our BPMN Modeler Enterprise for Confluence we optimize the search capabilities for...

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BPMN-3.26.0: BPMN Element Restriction

The BPMN 2.0 standard offers a multitude of possibilities for process modeling. For new, but also for experienced readers and...

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BPMN-3.26.0: Model Subprocesses In-Place

Subprocesses In BPMN

As a de facto standard in process modeling, BPMN offers the possibility of reducing the complexity of a...

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BPMN Next Element Prediction by AI

In this Blogpost we tackle the question: Can NLP AIs auto-complete Business Processes? Take a look at our machine learning...

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Camunda External Task Workers and Quarkus

In process automation with Camunda Platform 7, the external task pattern is often used to decouple the orchestration of tasks...

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MDF-2.3.2: Data Center Release

Managed Data Fields goes Confluence Data Center

We are happy to share today that Managed Data Fields has been officially approved...

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Hattrick complete - DMN Modeler Enterprise comes to Confluence Cloud!

Server, Data Center and Cloud - the DMN Modeler Enterprise is now available on all hosting options for Atlassian Confluence. By...

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BPMN-3.25.0: Incoming diagram links

In the new version of our BPMN Modeler Enterprise for Confluence, we introduce an overview of incoming links to make contexts...

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