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BPMN Modeler 3.21.0: Reveal Dependencies between Processes with the Process Net for Confluence

Along with a company, its process landscape also grows. The business processes are rarely completely separated from each other,...

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viadee Process Warehouse goes Open Source

The viadee Process Warehouse (vPW) is a tool for the analysis of business processes and enables the visualization of process key...

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Camunda External Task Worker - The Basics

External Task Workers decouple the execution of tasks from the process orchestration by the Process Engine by means of a pull...

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Structured documentation for process management with process profiles

A process model alone does not make a process documentation. To increase the value of process documentation as a source of...

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Improve the quality of your process models with diagram validation

When modeling business processes with the BPMN Modeler Enterprise, a syntactically correct use of the various BPMN 2.0 elements...

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BPMN Modeler Enterprise 3.18.0 – BPMN in color and cloud migration

BPMN Modeler Enterprise now supports the BPMN in Color standard and makes your process diagrams ready for Confluence Cloud.


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BPMN and DMN Modeler Enterprise now integrate with Comala Document Management

Read in this blog post why you should use specialized add-ons to implement document review and approval workflows, and learn how...

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Camunda External Tasks - Error-Handling and Retry-Behavior

The External Task pattern turns the push mechanism of service tasks into a pull principle. When running a process with Camunda...

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RACI in BPMN Modeler

RACI is a technique to describe responsibilities. But how does RACI work and how do you apply RACI in the BPMN Modeler...

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Managed Data Fields or Confluence's own Page Properties?

Confluence offers users the possibility to create page properties and reports of these page properties. So you might think it's...

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Gitlab synchronization with BPMN and DMN Modeler Enterprise

Versioning systems like Gitlab are indispensable in application development. They allow the structured management of source code,...

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Managed Data Fields – New data type: Calculation

We are glad to present our new feature for Managed Data Fields: calculation fields for your business KPIs.

The new data type...

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