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Hattrick complete - DMN Modeler Enterprise comes to Confluence Cloud!

Tue, Jun 7, 2022

DMN-Modeler-for-Confluence-Hattrick_jetzt-auch-CloudServer, Data Center and Cloud - the DMN Modeler Enterprise is now available on all hosting options for Atlassian Confluence. By providing our application in the Confluence Cloud, we enable our customers to use the proven tandem of BPMN and DMN Modeler Enterprise regardless of the type of their Confluence installation.


Why Confluence Cloud?

Atlassian has announced their plan to carry all customers with Server installations to Data Centers or Cloud environments.

Therefore, new Server licenses for Atlassian products can no longer be purchased and from February 2024 there will be no more support for server products. This forces all customers using Confluence to ask themselves the following question: do I migrate to data center or cloud?

Last but not least, this decision comes down to which option I have to give up less of my required and cherished apps. For everyone who uses our apps for their process and decision management, we want to offer the greatest possible flexibility and are now providing both apps with almost the same range of features in all hosting options.


How do I migrate to Cloud?

The DMN Modeler Enterprise App generally works directly in the Confluence Cloud without any special action. However, if you have linked your DMNs to other diagrams or Confluence content, you should perform a simple pre-processing and post-processing step so that all links work in the new environment. A Confluence administrator can work through the following steps:

  1. Go to the configuration of the DMN Modeler Enterprise App
    1. Use the Upgrade All Diagrams to Enterprise feature to ensure there is no free macro that cannot be migrated.
    2. Then under Cloud Migration you need to export a file of metadata for all Confluence pages.
  2. Now perform the regular migration of your Confluence instance. Make sure that you carry all page attachments, since your DMN diagrams are also stored there.
  3. To complete the migration, go to the configuration of the DMN Modeler Enterprise app in the cloud and upload the file previously exported. All existing links will now be migrated to the new cloud environment.

The exact instructions can also be found in our user manual.


Something to pay attention to?

We try hard to ensure that all versions of our apps have the same range of features. Nevertheless, it is possible that some functionality will only be available at a later pint in time or that they are technically not feasible for the cloud version for the time being.

This currently applies to:

  • Links to Jira issues on DRD elements
    • alternatively add the direct URL here as an external link
  • Import and export models from Bitbucket
    • instead, use the direct import & export as XML file
  • Limiting the use of the app at space level
    • alternatively use Confluence page permissions to restrict the editing of models



Are you about to migrate to Confluence Cloud and want you DMN diagrams to come with you? Simply update your already installed Server app and download the Cloud app from the Atlassian Marketplace.

We always look forward to your feedback and will answer any question you have.

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Belinda Felpel

Belinda Felpel

Belinda Felpel joined viadee IT-Consultancy in 2019. As lead developer for the viadee Confluence Plugins she is specialized in process management and web development.