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BPMN Modeler Enterprise 3.18.0 – BPMN in color and cloud migration

Dec 3, 2021 10:13:44 AM

BPMN Modeler Enterprise 3.18.0

BPMN Modeler Enterprise now supports the BPMN in Color standard and makes your process diagrams ready for Confluence Cloud.

BPMN in Color

With version 3.18.0, the procedure for coloring process elements has been adapted to follow the BPMN in Color standard, published by the BPMN Modeler Interchange Working Group. The change becomes visible by the fact that label elements can now be colored separately. From now on, compatibility with these as well as with older process diagrams is ensured, so that no manual changes to process diagrams are required.

BPMN in Color

Cloud Migration

With the imminent discontinuation of the Confluence Server product line, many companies are faced with the decision to use the Confluence Cloud platform in the future or to switch to a Data Center license. For both variants, the BPMN Modeler Enterprise is available. To make the transition to Confluence Cloud as seamless as possible, we have improved our diagram upgrade feature. To ensure a smooth migration of process diagrams to Confluence Cloud, the diagram upgrade should be triggered once by a Confluence administrator before Confluence pages are migrated. Please find more information in our user guide.


  • In the Server and Data Center versions of the BPMN Modeler Enterprise, copying and pasting process diagrams is now prevented in the page editor. Rather, create a new diagram and use the import functionality.
  • The process diagram search function has been improved and should retrieve results quicker now.

Have fun with the new version of the BPMN Modeler Enterprise. We are looking forward to your feedback! Get your fee trial of the BPMN Modeler Enterprsie on the Atlassian Marketplace:



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