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BPMN-3.31.0: Copy and paste process elements across browser windows

Mon, Mar 20, 2023

A lot of companies use our BPMN Modeler Enterprise for Confluence. We introduce a new feature: Browser-window spanning copy & paste for sub-processes. 

In one of our last blog posts, we introduced the layered modeling of sub-processes within a process diagram. But what happens when a sub-process is subsequently used by other processes as well, and therefore needs to be made available to be called via a call activity? Our new browser-wide "copy and paste" feature allows to transfer process elements to other diagrams with ease.

While sub-processes can only be used by the parent process, call-activites can be used to refer to re-usable core processes. It often happens that a sub-process qualifies as a candidate for being called by several different processes at a later stage. To extract the sub-process to a standalone process diagram, a manual re-modeling was previously necessary.

With our new "copy and paste" feature, this problem is solved with ease. Process elements that have been selected with the selection tool and then copied ("CTRL+C") are now also available for pasting ("CTRL+V") in all other diagram editors, even in a different browser window or tab
In the above example, this means that the corresponding sub-process can simply be selected and copied in whole. In the newly created, empty process diagram, the elements are then available to be pasted conveniently.

Browser-wide copy and paste is available in BPMN Modeler Enterprise on Confluence Data Center/Server as of version 3.31.0, and already available in Confluence Cloud. Try it out!

Visit us in the Atlassian Marketplace or have a look in our user manual.

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Philipp Meyer

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