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BPMN-3.32.0: New Features that You Wished for!

Wed, Apr 26, 2023

It’s been some time since the first releases of the BPMN Modeler Enterprise and the application has evolved in many ways. However, our goal has always remained the same: To provide you with the best possible tool for modeling your processes! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for using our Modeler and are happy to announce two new features that our users have frequently requested.


Markdown editor for element descriptions

We know well that the description of process elements can make a valuable contribution to the proper understanding of business processes. Even better if it is readable, intuitive and visually appealing. Therefore, the latest version of the BPMN Modeler Enterprise provides a markdown editor within the Business Attributes panel. Beneath the item "Name and Description" you can see the redesigned input, which allows you to structure texts in the description field by using headings, lists and bold or italic sections. With this feature, you can document your processes more effectively and ensure consensus in the understanding of your processes.



Editing of subprocesses

With the Release of 3.26.0-ENTERPRISE we have introduced in-place modeling of sub-processes. We outlined when it is reasonable to model sub-processes directly in the parent process and when other options can be considered in this blog post . Sometimes, it happens that modeling conventions generally do not allow in-place editing of your subprocesses. In order to reflect this circumstance in our app as well, we now offer the possibility to centrally switch off the modeling of subprocesses within the main process. For this purpose, there is a new entry in the "General Settings" of the app's admin settings.


Don't worry, already modeled subprocesses will not be lost! Just like before release 3.26.0, you can see your subprocesses by making the collapsed subprocess an extended subprocess. Also in the underlying XML file, the subprocess is still recognized as such. Take a look at the linked blog post to see if the new setting might be useful for you!

It's your turn!

Try the new release of the BPMN Modeler Enterprise - for Cloud, Server and Data Center. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Don't hesitate to contact us - we appreciate your feedback and are happy to help with any questions you might have!



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Belinda Felpel

Belinda Felpel

Belinda Felpel joined viadee IT-Consultancy in 2019. As lead developer for the viadee Confluence Plugins she is specialized in process management and web development.