Managed Data Fields 1.1.0 - numeric analysis for charts

Donnerstag, 17.12.2020

Release MDF 1.1.0

Managed Data Fields App for Confluence: New release - new features - now available

With Managed Data Fields 1.1.0 you have more options for creating charts and making analyses. Besides the categorical analysis of charts that allows to count the occurrence of similar values over all instances, it is now also possible to perform a numeric analysis. In this regard, we also introduced a new field type “number” that only accepts numerical values.

Creating a numeric Analysis

The dialog to create a new chart has slightly changed. You can now choose between "categorical" and "numeric" analysis. For each configuration you can find an explaining illustration on the right.


The newly added analysis type “numeric” allows to select two attributes to be displayed in one chart. While Dimension refers to a data attribute whose values are used to label the retrieved instances, Measure refers to the data attribute whose values are interpreted as numbers and displayed according to their magnitude.
Choose analysis type “categorical” to interpret the Dimension attribute’s values as categories and count their occurrences over all retrieved field instances.


Note that a numeric analysis can also be performed on data attributes whose data type is not “numeric”. Then, field instances with non-numeric values are simply ignored. You can find a link to all ignored instances in the info hover box.



Field Definition type is recognized automatically

It is no longer necessary to define the overall Field Definition type in advance. Especially, you are not required anymore to define a Field Definition as “complex” to add more than one data attribute to the field.

new fieldnew field 2


Try it out

The Managed Data Fields Plugin for Confluence is available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Additionally you can try it out on our demonstration site.  

If you have any feedback or features, you like to request, we will be happy to hear from you.

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